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Dog Bite injury lawyer in Lee's Summit

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Get Justice After a Devastating Dog Attack in Lee's Summit

As a dog bite victim in Lee’s Summit, you have specific legal rights and protections under Missouri’s strict liability laws regarding dog attacks.  Under these laws, dog owners can be held liable for bites and injuries regardless of whether they know their dog is dangerous.


When you retain the Chionuma law firm after an incident, understanding these laws is critical to building your case effectively with your dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit and maximizing potential compensation. This section will provide an overview of essential rules and regulations:


Overview of Missouri’s Strict Liability Dog Bite Statute


Missouri has a specific strict liability statute (Revised Missouri Statutes Section 273.036) that governs dog bite cases and protects victims. Under this law:


  • Dog owners are legally responsible for bites and injuries caused by their animals, regardless of any previous incidents or the owner’s knowledge of aggressive tendencies
  • This applies in cases where the victim was in legal public spaces or lawfully on private property during the attack
  • The statute holds even if the dog escaped confinement or restraint when the bite occurred


So, unlike other states, you, as the plaintiff, do not need to prove the owner knew their dog was dangerous. The responsibility lies entirely with the owner. This streamlines the legal process for victims seeking justice and compensation.


Defining “Dangerous” Dogs Under Lee’s Summit Regulations


Lee’s Summit has regulations defining dangerous dogs that owners must adhere to. Under the city’s municipal codes, a dangerous dog is one that:


  • Has severely bitten or attacked a person without being provoked
  • Attacks other pets or animals
  • Chases vehicles and bicycles in a menacing manner
  • Approaches people aggressively as if to cause harm potentially


Dogs exhibiting such behaviors may be seized by animal control in the city. So, when building a case, your dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit will identify all code violations by the owner.


Required Restraint and Confinement of Dogs in Lee’s Summit

Beyond dangerous dogs, Lee’s Summit mandates restraint and confinement of all dogs within city limits. Essential requirements under the regulations include:


  • Dogs must be properly and adequately restrained when on public or private property
  • This means on a leash/chain under 4 feet long or confined within a vehicle
  • Dogs cannot be allowed to run at large (meaning unsupervised off the owner’s premises)
  • Owners cannot permit dogs to molest passersby, chase vehicles, attack pets/wildlife, cause any injury, etc.


Type of Infraction

Potential Penalties Imposed on Owners

First violation

Verbal or written warning

Second violation

Fine up to $200

Third violation

Fine up to $400

Additional violations

Fine up to $500 and 90 days jail time


So, if a dog bites you in a public park while unleashed, that constitutes a clear violation. Your attorney can leverage these violations to build your injury claim.


When Owners Can Be Held Liable for Dog Bites in Lee’s Summit


Given the regulations above, owners can generally be held liable if:


  • Their dog attacks and injures someone without provocation
  • Their dog was unsupervised/unleashed in public at the time
  • They allowed their dog to behave aggressively or attack vehicles/pets
  • They failed to confine a dog known to be dangerous properly


Your personal injury lawyer will use the regulations to establish liability and negligence by the owner. This then entitles you to pursue medical damages, lost income, pain/suffering damages, and more resulting from the bite trauma. A dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit can also facilitate negotiations with insurance agencies.


Retaining an experienced dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit immediately after an incident is crucial for victims seeking fair restitution in Lee’s Summit. Reach out to the Chionuma law firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one has suffered a devastating, preventable dog bite injury.

Gathering Evidence and Building Your Dog Bite Claim

The actions you take immediately after suffering a traumatic dog bite injury will impact your ability to secure fair compensation down the line. Working quickly with an experienced dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit to gather evidence and demonstrate the extent of damages is crucial.

Here are vital steps to follow:

Step I: Promptly Document All Injuries and Medical Treatment

  • Get photographs of any visible wounds, cuts, bruises, or bleeding right away as evidence
  • Obtain a copy of the detailed medical evaluation report from your ER visit
  • Keep records of doctor follow-up consultations, medications, shot schedules, etc.
  • Maintain receipts for medical expenses, bandages, antibiotics, etc.
  • Get notes from the doctor clearly stating the diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis

This documentation lets your lawyer quantify current and future costs when negotiating your injury claim.

Step II: Identify Potentially Liable Parties

  • Owner of the dog that bit you
  • Owner of the property where the attack occurred
  • Tenant housing the dog if on rental premises
  • Pet sitter or walker supervising dog if the owner was away
  • Dog’s veterinarian (potential liability for not reporting dangerous tendencies)

Your dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit can investigate these entities, determine negligence or liability per local ordinances and state statutes, and pursue multiple parties if warranted to maximize compensation.

Step III: Secure Statements from Eyewitnesses Right Away

  • Get their complete contact information documented
  • Ask them to provide a written statement on what they observed
  • Have them take pictures/videos if available

Such eyewitness accounts help prove circumstances when negotiating your dog bite case. Over time memories fade so act quickly.

Step IV: Obtain Copies of All Official Documentation

  • Animal control report responding to the scene
  • A full police report filed about the incident
  • Citation records if penalties issued to the dog owner
  • County records on prior violations/incidents involving the dog
  • Animal medical reports from vet visits indicating dangerous behaviors

An experienced dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit like those at the Chionuma law firm can acquire these through formal requests and use them to establish liability.

By promptly collecting medical evidence, identifying liable parties, securing eyewitness testimony, and obtaining official reports with help from your attorney, you can build maximum leverage for recovering damages in your Lee’s Summit dog bite claim. Contact a knowledgeable professional for assistance after a devastating, preventable attack. Your actions in the next 48 hours are crucial for securing fair restitution.

Maximizing Compensation From Dog Bite Settlements

After an unexpected, traumatic dog attack, many victims are burdened with significant medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and enduring physical/emotional distress. While no amount of money can compensate for the harm done, securing fair compensation through a settlement or court award is imperative.

An experienced dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit understands how to build leverage in negotiations by:

Estimating Your Economic Damages

Economic damages in a dog bite case provide concrete reimbursement for tangible losses and expenses, including:

  • Past and future medical treatment: Emergency care, doctor visits, meds, therapy
  • Lost income: Missed days/weeks of work due to recovery
  • Reduced earning capacity: If injuries are permanent and impact your career
  • Misc expenses: Cleaning clothes, supplies, home carpet cleaning, etc.

Documenting these costs strengthens the case for higher settlements.

Calculating Non-Economic Pain and Suffering Damages

No price tag can be put on the trauma and anguish endured from a damaging dog attack. But “non-economic damages” aim to provide some restitution through financial means. Your dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit can determine amounts for:

  • Physical pain/discomfort
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment/activities
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability
  • shortened life expectancy in rare cases

These numbers get negotiated based on case specifics. Recent legal precedents with similar credentials also come into play.

Using Case Studies to Support Appropriate Settlement Values

By examining comparable dog bite injury cases and award amounts, your lawyer can benchmark appropriate settlement ranges for your situation. The unique details may vary, but reasonably aligned cases help define fair restitution.

Referencing this data strengthens the argument for deserving compensation when negotiating with insurers.

Leveraging Strategies to Increase Settlement Offers

Beyond documenting damages,a dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit adds a guidance and helps victims to pressure higher settlements, including:

  • Exploring multiple liable parties: If property owners broke the rules/ordinances
  • Threatening litigation: This raises the possibility of a costly trial and an unfavorable verdict
  • Media attention: Bad publicity incentivizes resolving cases quickly

With an adept personal injury lawyer guiding negotiations, victims can often maximize compensation beyond original offers by insurers seeking quick closure. This provides a more excellent means to move forward.

The physical recovery and emotional trauma from dog bite injuries can be extensive with lasting effects. Retaining fierce legal representation is essential to help survivors and their families secure the maximum restitution available under the law through settlements or court awards. 

Consider contacting the Chionuma law firm if you need counsel pursuing fair compensation after an incident, not of your making. Our experienced team can help you move ahead.

Hiring an Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer Lee’s Summit

Suffering a damaging dog bite attack sparks immense physical, emotional, and financial turmoil at a moment’s notice. Victims and families often struggle to cope with the aftermath. An experienced dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit will help you simplify the confusing legal process while aggressively pursuing fair compensation.

Proving Liability and Negligence

A skilled dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit performs in-depth investigations to establish the following:

  • The dog owner’s negligence in preventing the incident per MO statutes and local ordinances
  • Additional liable entities like landlords, if appropriate
  • Documented code violations contributing to the attack

Constructing this liability evidence provides leverage when negotiating for settlement funds.

Determining Long-Term Effects and Prognosis

Your lawyer partners with medical experts to assess:

  • The full extent of current and potential future health impacts
  • Probability of complications like infection or disease
  • Requirements like physical therapy, counseling, reconstructive surgery
  • Permanent disability issues hindering work capacity

Quantifying prognosis timelines strengthens arguments for securing ample compensation to cover future costs.

Navigating Complex Insurance Claim Processes

Experienced dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit knows how to insurance negotiations to your benefit, including:

  • Identifying all policies that may cover damages
  • Homeowners, landlords, pet owners, etc
  • Reviewing policy provisions for exclusions impacting your claim
  • Pressuring insurers to provide fair reimbursement amounts within policy limits

Avoid insurance denial tactics with an attorney’s guidance.

Employing Strategies to Increase Settlement Offers

Lawyers have tools to incentivize insurers to raise settlement offers instead of going to trial, such as:

  • Gathering irrefutable evidence of negligence and liability
  • Quantifying worst-case scenario judge/jury awards
  • Pursuing media exposure and tarnishing brands/reputations
  • Imposing litigation costs if unable to reach an agreement

In some cases, pressure drives substantially higher pre-trial settlements.

The Chionuma law firm has decades of experience helping Lee’s Summit dog bite victims recover damages from all available sources after tragic, preventable attacks. We assist with every aspect – from gathering evidence to negotiating prudent settlements to taking uncooperative parties to court if essential to secure you fair compensation. Consider scheduling a free consultation if you have questions; our legal team stands ready to help you move forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Qualifies as a “Dangerous Dog” in Lee's Summit?

Lee’s Summit specifies a dangerous dog as:

  • One that has severely bitten or attacked a person without provocation
  • A dog that attacks other domestic pets or wildlife unprovoked
  • A dog that chases vehicles like bicycles in an aggressive, menacing fashion
  • A dog that approaches people on public property in a manner indicating potential harm

If a dog exhibits such behaviors, the owner is required to restrain it. Fines and seizures may occur otherwise.

Q. What Steps Should I Take After Getting Bitten by a Dog?

  • Seek prompt medical care and get injuries documented
  • Report the bite to animal control and police to file a report
  • Photograph wounds, preserve bloodied clothing, record expenses
  • Get contact details and accounts from any witnesses
  • Consult with a dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit ASAP about your legal rights

Taking these critical steps helps build your case down the line.

Q. Can I Still Recover Damages If I Was Partly at Fault

  • Missouri follows “pure comparative negligence,” – so even if you were somewhat negligent, compensation gets reduced proportionately but doesn’t get barred.

    For example, if deemed 20% at fault, your eventual award drops by 20% after any relevant liability insurance deductions. Having a dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit helps you recover from injuries and losses and remains pivotal for maximizing recovery.

Q. What Settlement Amount Can I Expect for My Dog Bite Injuries?

  • Every dog bite case varies uniquely based on the following:

    • The severity of wounds (disfigurement, disability levels)
    • Required medical treatment now and into the future
    • Emotional trauma impacting quality of life
    • Lost income from missed work due to recovery
    • Policy liability limits involved for insurance claims

    An adept personal injury lawyer can analyze case histories with similar dynamics to estimate appropriate settlement ranges and fight for total justified compensation.

Q. How Much Do Dog Bite Lawyers Typically Charge As Fees?

  • Our dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit  meaning no upfront fees to you. The lawyer fronts case costs and takes a pre-agreed percentage (25%-40% is typical) from the eventual settlement as payment for services. There is no charge if no recovery is secured.

    Understand fee structures upfront so expectations align on compensation distribution. Contact the Chionuma law firm for specifics on our reasonable contingent-fee models designed with clients in mind.

Q. How Long Do I Have to File a Missouri Dog Bite Injury Claim?

  • Missouri statutes mandate you report the dog bite and file either a settlement demand letter or lawsuit for damages within five years after the incident. This window gets extended to 10 years if the injured party was under 18 years old when the bite occurred.

    So consulting a dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit strengthened the case with fresh evidence versus fading memories years later. Don’t delay in seeking counsel.

Q. Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

  • Homeowner’s (HO) liability insurance generally covers dog bites – if an owned dog bites someone on or off the property and if someone gets bitten by a dog on the insured’s property regardless of ownership.

    HO policies usually have $100K-$300K liability limits. Additional insurance assets may enter the picture for large awards/settlements depending on the circumstances and entities involved.

    An attorney can best a dog bite lawyer Lee’s Summit e insurance claims process for maximum recovery.

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