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Dog Bite injury lawyer in Grandview

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If you're searching for a Personal Injury Attorney in Grandview, look no further than Chionuma Law Firm. With 37 years of experience in the field, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial struggles you're going through. Accidents happen, but when you're hurt, and it's not your fault, you deserve someone who will fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you need to heal and move forward. Our deep knowledge of personal injury law in Grandview makes us the ideal choice for representing you. We are committed to listening to your story, understanding your needs, and providing you with the help and guidance you deserve during this difficult time.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Bites in Grandview

Getting bitten by a dog can be a traumatic, painful experience with long-lasting physical and emotional consequences. Yet, in Grandview, over 200 dog bites occur each year. If you or a loved one suffered a dog bite injury, having an experienced dog bite lawyer, Grandview, is critical.


The Chionuma law firm has seen hundreds of dog bite cases over the past 37 years. We understand this complex legal area and will fight aggressively to help you recover maximum compensation. Here’s what you need to know:


The Impact of Dog Bites


  • Dog bites can result in severe lacerations, nerve damage, broken bones, infection, disfigurement, and other injuries requiring extensive medical treatment. Children are especially vulnerable.
  • Victims can have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety when around dogs, and other psychological trauma.
  • You may incur major out-of-pocket expenses related to hospital bills, lost income, therapy costs, etc. On average, the liability costs from a single dog bite exceed $45,000.


Strict Liability Laws


  • Missouri follows a strict liability doctrine regarding dog bites. This means dog owners are liable for injuries their pets cause, regardless of previous aggressive behavior or “one free bite.”


Building Your Claim


Some key evidence our dog bite lawyers gather includes:

  • Medical records
  • Photographs
  • Witness statements
  • Veterinary records


Don’t Delay


Missouri’s statute of limitations gives victims five years after the bite to take legal action or lose the right to recover damages. So, contacting a knowledgeable attorney immediately is essential for protecting your interests following this sudden, painful ordeal.


Let our dog bite lawyer Grandview provide the compassionate counsel and fierce representation you deserve during the difficult days and weeks after a dog attack. We’re here to help get your life back on track.

Dog Bite Laws and Liability in Grandview

Understanding the legal landscape around dog bites in Grandview is critical to protecting your rights following a dog attack. As an experienced dog bite lawyer Grandview representing injury victims in the Kansas City metro area and across Missouri for over 37 years, our legal team at the Chionuma law firm has extensive knowledge of the laws and litigation strategies that produce maximum results for clients.


Local Laws and Ordinances

Grandview has laws covering dog ownership responsibilities and liabilities, which work with state statutes. Key provisions include:

  • Chapter 5, Section 5-38 – Makes it illegal for any person in control or possession of any animal to allow it to bite or attack a person without provocation, subject to fines.
  • Section 5-40 – Requires owners of dangerous animals who bite someone to surrender the animal to authorities for a ten-day observation period. Owners can be charged with maintenance fees.
  • Section 5-42 – Sets forth the protocol for declaring an animal as “dangerous” after an unprovoked attack, including required precautions owners must take.


Missouri’s Strict Liability Standard

Beyond local ordinances, Missouri statute 273.036 establishes strict liability for dog bites across the state. This means that a dog’s owner is liable for injuries caused by their dog under all circumstances, with only a few narrow exceptions, such as trespassing or provoking the animal.

The key elements that must be shown are:

  • The injury resulted from a dog bite
  • The injured person was lawfully on public or private property
  • The injured person did not provoke the dog

Unlike a “one bite rule,” which only imposes responsibility after establishing a dog is dangerous, Missouri’s strict liability statute allows victims recourse no matter what and holds owners to the highest duty of care over their pets.


This facilitates more efficient compensation through homeowners’ insurance policies that routinely cover dog bite claims while also serving as a deterrent against negligent ownership. By handling complex legal negotiations with insurers, our Grandview dog bite attorneys ease the burden so clients can focus on healing.


Establishing Liability After a Dog Attack

While strict liability makes proving legal culpability more straightforward in Missouri dog mauling cases, gathering strong evidence remains crucial.


Our personal injury lawyers thoroughly investigate to establish the necessary details regarding the following:

Type of Evidence

Role in Proving Liability

Medical records

– Severity and permanence of injuries – Need for ongoing treatment

Veterinary records

– Prior incidents or temperament concerns – Owner awareness of aggressive tendencies


– Document injuries, scarring – Identify dog and owner

Witness statements

– Corroborate events and negligence

Animal control reports

– Provide an independent account further validating the claim

Who May Be Responsible

In addition to the dog’s legal owner, liability can extend to other parties that contributed to the attack through oversight or negligence. These potentially liable defendants include:

  • Parents of minor children who owned the dog
  • Landlords, if they were aware of a dangerous dog on their rental property
  • Dog walkers or sitters, if they allowed harm to occur
  • Dog breeders if they negligently misrepresented aggression risks of a particular breed


Let our dog bite lawyer Grandview put our expertise in negotiating Missouri laws to work, helping you recover damages after suffering through the trauma of a dog attack. We can overcome insurers’ resistance with strategic legal guidance while easing your stress. Contact our Grandview office today for responsive, caring counsel.

Collecting Evidence and Building Your Case

A dog bite can happen in mere seconds, but for victims, the physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial constraints inflicted often drag on for months or years. At the Chionuma law firm, our veteran dog bite lawyer Grandview have the expertise to methodically develop an ironclad injury claim so that clients can secure the maximum compensation they rightly deserve after suffering through a devastating dog mauling.


Act Quickly to Gather Evidence

One of the most common legal strategies insurance companies use to limit payouts on dog bites is to argue that too much time has passed to establish conclusive evidence of what occurred. Missouri’s statute of limitations allows just five years from the incident to take legal action. We immediately dispatch investigators to collect information before memories fade or trails disappear. Vital evidence our Grandview dog bite attorneys promptly seek includes:


Medical Records & Bills

We obtained authorization to gather complete medical files covering the following:

  • Emergency response and ambulance transport
  • Hospital/urgent care intake and examinations
  • Surgical procedures
  • Medications & injections
  • Pathology tests
  • Treatment plans & referrals

Documenting injuries and treatment regimens is the foundation for quantifying current and future costs. Gaps get exploited by insurance company adjusters.


Photographs & Video

Visual documentation also plays a pivotal role by revealing the following:

  • Wound characteristics (size, depth, location on body)
  • Scarring/disfigurement
  • Use of assistive equipment like crutches or wheelchairs during recovery
  • The attacking dog’s appearance, coloring, and breed identification

Photos and videos narrating difficulties performing routine daily tasks still resonate with juries and judges during courtroom arguments.


Veterinary Records

While Missouri employs strict liability, assessing whether a dog displayed warning signs like menacing behavior or previous bites still strengthens efforts to assign blame and overcome common defenses. Vet reports indicate that the use of anti-anxiety medications or muzzles builds the case further.


Securing Witness Statements

The recollections of those present, when the dog attack occurred provide third-party validation that painful injuries resulted directly from the animal’s aggressive actions rather than some other intervening cause. Written affidavits or transcribed interviews capture critical details while fresh.


Preserving Evidence from Authorities

Seeking assistance from animal control, police, or other municipal agencies generates official incident reports to reinforce the event’s severity. Their ability to provide testimony also discourages settlement offers below the actual value of damages.


Overcoming Legal Defenses

Insurers facing seven-figure settlement demands rarely capitulate without raising accusations that victims somehow provoked dangerous dogs through carelessness or misbehavior. Collecting ironclad evidence dispels such allegations. Our dog bite lawyer Grandview anticipate these pretexts that responsibility lies anywhere but with negligent owners or entities like landlords. We work diligently to eliminate loopholes that jeopardize fair outcomes.


The intricate legal issues surrounding dog mauling injuries make pursuing just compensation challenging without trusted advisors. The attorneys at our firm possess the right expertise. Contact us for a free case review by calling (816) 319-0647 or completing our online intake form. Our Grandview office stands ready to fight for you.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

An aggressive dog’s powerful jaws and sharp teeth inflict severe harm during attacks. While bite incidents last only minutes, the physical trauma, risk of permanent disability, and psychological damage can torment victims for years. The experienced dog bite injury lawyers at our Grandview firm have represented hundreds of survivors who bear both external and internal scars from these terrifying encounters. We have seen firsthand how damaging these wounds can be.


External Injuries: Bites and Lacerations

The most common affliction from dog maulings comes from direct contact with teeth puncturing skin, muscle, and tissue. These penetrating punctures require intricate surgical repair procedures and extensive aftercare to mend, based on factors like the dog’s size and strength and the location of bite sites. The risk of infection complicates recovery.


Our attorneys have succeeded in winning settlements and verdicts providing adequate compensation to cover the following:

  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Reconstructive surgeries
  • Medications & injections
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Home health aides
  • Special medical equipment


Musculoskeletal Impacts

Bites frequently fracture bones or tear connective tissue and ligaments as powerful jaws clench and violently shake victims. Orthopedic injuries often necessitate painful rehabilitation with no guarantee of ever regaining original mobility or strength. We fight to help clients recoup these severe losses.


Infection Hazards

The abundant bacteria thriving inside canine mouths—frequently more toxic than their feces—make puncture wounds highly susceptible to infection. Past clients have developed life-threatening conditions like:

  • Blood poisoning
  • Gangrene
  • MRSA
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus
  • Ringworm

In extreme cases, amputation of wounded and infected limbs becomes unavoidable. Our counsel identifies sources demanding accountability.


Emotional & Psychological Trauma

Equally devastating as physical consequences, the immense emotional trauma from a dog attack also merits consideration in calculating damages. Children assaulted by supposed “man’s best friend” frequently develop deep-rooted psychological afflictions, like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Cynophobia (fear of dogs)
  • Panic disorders
  • Chronic insomnia/nightmares


Our lawyers incorporate counseling and therapy costs, ensuring victims heal inside and out.

The risk of permanent disability and visible scarring after a severe mauling makes choosing the right legal partner imperative. We have an unrivaled record delivering results for dog bite victims throughout Grandview and Missouri. The Chionuma law firm offers compassionate guidance informed by decades of handling these cases. Contact our office for dedicated support during your recovery.

Settling Your Dog Bite Claim

Suffering a dog bite injury turns lives upside down. Victims deserve total compensation to cover all damages. However, collecting rightful payment hinges on skillful negotiating tactics and courtroom advocacy, which insurance companies aim to avoid. At the Chionuma law firm, our veteran personal injury attorneys have a proven record of delivering results by aggressively confronting negligent parties in Grandview and across Missouri.


Navigating Strict Time Limits

The clock starts ticking immediately following a dog attack in terms of preserving evidence, documenting injuries, and consulting lawyers. Missouri statute only allows five years for victims to take legal action before forfeiting rights to damages.


Insurers bank on frightened, overwhelmed victims missing deadlines while trying to cope with trauma and pay unexpected medical bills. By promptly initiating claims, our dog bite lawyers blockade such strategies, denying liability. We understand the intricate legal framework governing these cases.


Overcoming Standard Defenses

Despite strict liability laws in Missouri imposing responsibility for dog bites regardless of previous incidents, insurance adjusters refuse to capitulate without attempts to erode allegations. Common ploys we counter include:


Provocation Arguments

Insurers argue victims aggravated dogs through carelessness or mistreatment. But even trespassing on private property does not permit attacks under statutes. We compel adjusters to address injuries, not victim actions.


Pre-existing Conditions

Insurers allege undisclosed medical histories or pre-existing injuries caused presented symptoms, not dog bites. We overcome such assertions by establishing clear causation between bites and the necessity of treatment.


Comparative Negligence

Assessing partial fault to victims for “allowing” bites lowers settlement amounts. But Missouri follows the “pure contributory negligence” doctrine, where victims’ actions don’t reduce damages owed. We drive this point home with insurers.


Case Settlement Approaches

Out-of-court settlements through mediation spare victims stressful courtroom appearances, reliving trauma. But rushing here cedes leverage to minimize payouts. We set expectations with aggressive initial demands, then incrementally bargain towards an appropriate amount covering all current and future damages categories. Over 90% of our dog bite cases are resolved through settlements surpassing original offers.


Litigation Readiness

When settlement talks stall, we’re fully prepared to take dog bite cases to court, armed with extensive trial experience. We’re not afraid to litigate complex personal injury claims to juries. Our reputation for pursuing maximum verdicts through impassioned arguments secures victims’ interests as stubborn insurers eventually bow to reason when calculating risks. If negotiations fail, justice awaits in the courtroom with our counsel.

Choosing the Right Dog Bite Lawyer Grandview

After surviving a dog mauling, victims deserve an advocate who aggressively confronts negligent parties and compassionately counsels distressed clients toward recovery. Yet, with over 50 personal injury law firms operating in the Grandview area, identifying the right legal partner proves daunting. At the Chionuma law firm, our veteran dog bite attorneys have spent 37+ years helping injury victims prevail against formidable odds. We know firsthand the expertise clients should demand.


Competent Representation

An attorney’s capabilities governing dog bites mark the starting point. Confirm extensive experience here by asking:

  • How many dog bite cases have you litigated in Grandview? Across Missouri?
  • What is your settlement record for clients? Trial record if settlements fail?
  • Do you stay current on emerging laws and legal precedents tied to liability?


Attention to Detail

Succeeding in dog bite claims requires meticulous development of evidence and arguments. Ensure your lawyer demonstrates diligent commitment by inquiring about the following:

  • Investigation approaches to capture essential details
  • Utilization of expert testimony strengthening your position
  • Willingness to take cases to trial if fair settlements don’t materialize



Victims need counsel’s availability, responsiveness, and clarity during stressful times. Prioritize lawyers who:

  • Provide mobile phone access and rapid reply times
  • Lay out legal strategies and expectations in simple terms
  • Actively listen and address questions/concerns promptly


Fee Structures

Ultimately, financial terms must align with your situation. Standard arrangements include:

  • Contingency Fees – Lawyers paid a percentage of the final settlement amount
  • Hourly Agreements – Pay set rate for time invested
  • Hybrid Models – Contingency combined with some upfront costs

Understand complete fee breakdowns before contracting services.


Does Chionuma Law Firm Only Provide a Dog Bite injury lawyer in Grandview, MO?

Chuck is a highly respected Jackson County personal injury lawyer, but also covers the following locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my dog provoked the other dog who bit me?

Missouri’s strict liability statute still allows victims to pursue compensation even if their actions partly provoked the dog attack. An experienced dog bite lawyer Grandview can help prove your case.

Q. I was bitten by my neighbor’s dog while in their backyard. Can I still file a claim?

Yes – Missouri law allows damage recovery if the injured person was legally on public or private property. There are very few exceptions, like trespassing, that eliminate claims.

Q. Does Missouri follow the “one-bite rule,” making owners responsible only after establishing dogs to be dangerous?

No. Missouri statute imposes strict liability, so dog owners face responsibility regardless of previous aggressive behavior or incident history. This facilitates compensation without difficult legal hurdles for bite victims.

Q. If my landlord knew one of his tenants had an aggressive dog, is he liable since he didn’t warn me or remove the dog?

Possibly. Missouri law opens the door for potential landlord liability if they knowingly ignore a dangerous condition posed by a tenant’s dog yet take no corrective action. Talk to an attorney regarding negligence and your rights.

Get the Dedicated Dog Bite Representation You Deserve

Surviving a traumatic dog attack necessitates legal advocates protecting victims’ interests against insurance companies aiming to deny adequate compensation for injuries and suffering. The dog bite attorneys at the Chionuma law firm possess demonstrated expertise in helping Grandview residents recover damages after maulings. With seasoned counsel informing negotiations, we revive hopes that negligence gets confronted, medical bills are covered, lost wages are reimbursed, and emotional scars heal. Contact us today at (816) 319-0647 for a free consultation with a trusted dog bite lawyer who fights for you. Harness our passion for justice.

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